Elaine H. Mullen

Elaine H. Mullen

Title: Research Biologist
Company: The MITRE Corporation
Location: Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Elaine H. Mullen, Research Biologist at The MITRE Corporation, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in research.

Originally a scientific illustrator, Ms. Mullen feels her transition to research was only natural. While attempting to dye a photographic slide of a drawing she had done, she mixed chemicals together in oil and water and noticed a floating film. Ms. Mullen was fascinated by the glycoprotein film and spent the next few years studying it. She later patented it. After that, Ms. Mullen was able to prove her films were coated on one side with biologically active sugars. She took a protein that has two forms, one with sugar and one without, made films of both, shook them in water to produce spherical glycelles, and used a sugar-binding protein to prove that sugars coating the outsides of glycelles made from the glycoprotein could participate in biochemical interactions. It was a simple way of proving her hypothesis, which became the basis of another patent. In total, Ms. Mullen holds five patents for her work. She currently lends her talents to The MITRE Corporation, where she has served as a research biologist since 2000. She has also contributed to professional organizations like the Consortium for Functional Glycomics and the SugarBind Database Curation Committee. Her areas of expertise are glycobiology, infectious diseases, and glycoprotein films.

Prior to the role, Ms. Mullen earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from Virginia Commonwealth University and garnered experience with the Medical College of Virginia and The MITRE Corporation.

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