Byron H. Arison, PhD

Byron Arison

Title: Chemist, Researcher
Location: Basking Ridge, New Jersey, United States

Byron Arison, Chemist and Researcher, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in organic chemistry.

The work Dr. Arison has contributed in his career has helped change the course of history. Dr. Arison was one of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II. At the time, he worked with DuPont and was on the group responsible for loading reactors with uranium, which produced plutonium- an important ingredient for atomic bombs. It was his first job after receiving a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the University of Michigan in 1943. Since his work on the project, Dr. Arison has contributed to the historical recollections of the project by speaking in public dialogues and conferences. He has given his talk, “My Personal Experiences on the Manhattan Project: The Making of the Atomic Bomb,” at a number of events, including 2015’s Old Guard of Summit.

After Dr. Arison’s work on the Manhattan Project, he served in the US Army from 1945 to 1946. He also worked as a chemist at the University of Chicago. In 1951, Dr. Arison earned a Master of Science in organic chemistry at the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, NY. He later returned to the institution to receive a PhD in the subject in 1967. The majority of Dr. Arison’s career was spent at Merck, where he started in 1947 and remained until 2004. During his time at Merck, he was in charge of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility.

Outside of the Manhattan Project, Dr. Arison has other successes in his career such as working on 50 patents and contributing to more than 214 articles and professional journals. He has consulted for Steraloids and after his retirement, continued to consult for the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility. Since 2008, he has served on the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Festival Orchestra. He has also been a member of the American Chemical Society.


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