John W. Kennedy

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Title: President
Company: John W. Kennedy Consultants
Location: Stevensville, Maryland, United States

John W. Kennedy, President at John W. Kennedy Consultants, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in biological science, technology and space exploration.

Utilizing more than 40 years of industry experience, Mr. Kennedy is an esteemed researcher, botanist, nutritionist, biochemist and overall discoverer who has achieved much acclaim in the advancement and understanding of health, disease, plant and biological sciences, and technology. After 18 fruitful years with the United States Department of Agriculture, he founded John W. Kennedy Consultants, where he has represented and supported programs of over 90 companies in 19 countries worldwide. In his position, he provides scientific advice to the agrochemical industry as well as various national and international governments and environmental organizations. Such work he has accomplished includes crop importation from Mexico into the United States, as well as involvement with the National Agricultural Chemicals Association and the United States Forest Service. Alongside his primary career endeavors, he has also been the founder of Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc., and chief scientific officer of Ion Biotechnologies, Inc.

Over the years, Mr. Kennedy has lent his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, having worked with satellite imaging technologies and private satellite builders with respect to the application for inventory and classification of vegetation, land and aquatic species. Conducting experiments which were included on space shuttle missions, he holds 20 patents in the areas of space, human health and agriculture. Notably, in 1967, he discovered underwater pyramids in Rock Lake, WI, called the Lost Pyramids. Likewise, he has conducted considerable research in the replication of undifferentiated cells in a weightless environment, the acceleration of evolution of plants and animals, and on cationic materials and ionic salts for agriculture.

Mr. Kennedy grew up on a dairy farm with no electricity or indoor plumbing. Demonstrating innate curiosity about the outside world, he delved into scientific education and received a bachelor’s degree in botany and natural science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1962. He also completed advances studies in entomology, plant pathology and nematology at the United States Department of Agriculture Graduate School. He attributes his profound success to his hard work ethic, opportunities in higher education and inspiration he derived from his family and colleagues.

Mr. Kennedy has spent the past decade developing a unique modality for the mitigation of devastating diseases And he is respected in his industry for being a devoted, humble scientist. Throughout his career, he has authored myriad papers in peer-reviewed journals, and early on in his career, assumed leadership responsibilities of the successful control of isolated infestations of the gypsy moth in San Jose, CA, in 1977. He has served as an expert witness in multiple cases as well as task forces, and he previously assisted Mexico and Central and South American countries in complying with United States regulations. Celebrated for his book “The Plant Protection and Quarantine Treatment Manual” for the United States Department of Agriculture, he has also appeared on several television and radio talk shows, in press conferences, and in public meetings on behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to his industry, Mr. Kennedy has accrued numerous accolades. The recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from D.C. Everest Senior High School in 2002, he was featured in the Chesapeake Business Ledger in 2010 and was presented the Eagle Scout Award in 2016. In addition, he was highlighted on A&E, The Discovery Channel, and in Skin-Diver Magazine for his accomplishments in finding underwater pyramids in Wisconsin. Most notably, however, he was the recipient of the NASA Space Act Agreement, which he cites as a highlight of his career.

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