Dr. L. Zane Shuck

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Title: Research Scientist and Engineer
Location:  Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

Dr. L. Zane Shuck, research scientist and engineer, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the oil and gas industry.

Dr. Shuck is an award-winning scientific professional and engineer within the oil and gas industry who brings with him an expertise developed over the last 61 years. Today, he excels as the president of Technology Development Inc., where he demonstrates a dynamic blend of skills from his past experiences and his hardworking professional integrity. Within his industry, he is regarded for being the first to hypothesize the discrete jump nature of fracture growth in such materials as sandstones, limestone, and shales during hydraulic fracturing; a hypothesis that he experimentally proved it in the laboratory. In addition, he was the first to analyze and predict the three-dimensional stress distribution in the earth’s crust during hydraulic fracturing and demonstrate the feasibility of re-orienting the earth’s stress field sufficiently to control the orientation of new induced fractures. His prominent roles in these areas previously included associate director of the engineering experiment station and professor of mechanical engineering at West Virginia University, supervisory mechanical engineer for the energy research and development administration with the U.S. Department of Energy, and science faculty fellow with the National Science Foundation. Dr. Shuck has also served as an adjunct professor for the College of Engineering at West Virginia University, scientific advisor for West Virginia Governor Jay Rockefeller, and engineering consultant for such organizations as FMC Corporation, Fuel Gas Co., Southern Public Service Co., West Virginia Air Commission and numerous other oil and gas companies.

In addition to his work in the oil and gas field, Dr. Shuck has performed research on human biology. His work in this area notably led him in discovering the human microbiome roles in symptoms and diseases, including temporary memory loss, and other diseases in the neurological and gastrointestinal systems such as Chron’s, IBS, and inflammatory diseases. In recognition of his overall work in his career, Dr. Shuck was the recipient of a Ralph James National Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a U.S. Department of Energy Award for “Most Patents Awarded in One Year Ever by a Federal Government Employee” and a Materials Testing Award from the American Society for Testing and Materials. In addition, West Virginia honored Dr. Shuck in 2016 by naming a laboratory in recognition of his work. The “L. Zane Shuck Nanobiotechnology Laboratory” was established on the campus in Morgantown in 2016.

Dr. Shuck prepared for his career by first investing his time and efforts into his education. He holds a PhD in theoretical and applied mechanics and biomechanics and a Master of Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the West Virginia Institute of Technology. In addition, he completed a postdoctoral summer program with Wayne State University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Iowa State University. Dr. Shuck is a registered professional engineer in West Virginia and Ohio, and he is certified by the National Council on Engineering Examiners. Looking ahead to the future, Dr. Shuck intends to continue in his work while seeking opportunities to mentor and further make a difference in his field.

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