Dr. Michael Wiescher

Michael Wiescher
Photo by Matt Cashore

Title: Freimann Professor of Physics
Company: University of Notre Dame
Location: Notre Dame, Indiana, United States

Dr. Michael Wiescher, Freimann Professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in nuclear physics.

A fellow of the American Physical Society, Dr. Wiescher currently excels as the director of the nuclear science laboratory at the University of Notre Dame. He has further flourished as an adjunct professor at Michigan State University, a concurrent professor at the University of Surrey, a Heraeus visiting professor at Goethe University Frankfurt and a prolific lecturer on physics at academic institutes around the globe. Prior to his present position, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in metaphysics in Germany in 1972, as well as a diploma in solid-state physics in 1975 and a Doctor of Philosophy in nuclear physics in 1989, both from the University of Münster. In addition, Dr. Wiescher has been noted as the author of “Just Radioactivity: Study of a Natural Phenomenon” and “Scientific Analysis of Cultural Heritage Objects.”

As a testament to his exceptional undertakings, Dr. Wiescher been the recipient of myriad awards and accolades. He has been presented with the Hans Beth Prize from the American Physical Society, the Presidential Award from the University of Notre Dame, the Edmond P. Joyce Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching from the University of Notre Dame, the Humboldt Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Research Achievement Award from the University of Notre Dame. Initially drawn to history and astronomy, he discovered his interest in metaphysics during his graduate coursework. He attributes his success to the influence of his PhD mentors, which include Dr. Claus Rolff, Dr. Bill Fowler and Dr. Dick Azuma. In the coming years, Dr. Wiescher hopes to continue thriving in his present position while writing books.

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