Agostino “Ago” Sibillo

Title: Chief Executive Officer, Computer Scientist
Company: Spychatter inc.
Location: Perris, California, United States

Agostino “Ago” Sibillo, Chief Executive Officer at Spychatter Inc., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in technology innovation.

After earning Doctors of Philosophy in computer software engineering and criminal law, the latter at the prestigious University of Bari Aldo Moro in his native Italy, Dr. Sibillo immigrated to the United States. He is the inventor of several cloud computing and multitasking applications used by approximately 95 percent of companies employing internet, software and hardware applications. He also holds several patents in Augmented Reality, which provides enhanced, interactive experiences using objects located in the real world, combining features of the real and virtual markets, offering interactions in real-time.

In 2015, Dr. Sibillo turned his attention to encryption, inventing Spychatter, Inc., an application that employs Augmented Reality to allow individuals to securely communicate with each other, send and receive photographs and post geotagged, or containing media such as photographs or video that have had geographical identification metadata added, to various media comments in public or private. The app’s advantage is that it permits its users to remain secure without the threat of unauthorized interception.

Dr. Sibillo attributes his success to never stopping or giving up, as he maintains that he never lets obstacles deter him, saying that the only obstacles he feels are in our lives are only the ones that we create. Presently he is focusing on new ideas and inventions that would aid the healthcare industry. In the coming years, Dr. Sibillo plans to work on a new way to share information and to surf the web that is not a part of the current internet protocol. He plans to no longer use the current use of networks and instead use “pure energy” and has filed a patent for laser light transmission.

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