Max Byron Frederick, AnOldScientist

Title: Scientist, Theologian, Inventor, Author and Innovator
Location: Central Point, Oregon, United States

Max Byron Frederick, AnOldScientist, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in scientific research.

Born in 1938, Mr. Frederick harbored an interest in science and was recognized for his aptitude from a young age. Mr. Frederick spent thirty-three years in the military/industrial complex and has been conducting independent research for over twenty-six additional years in retirement where he is living as an old scientist far beyond his original expiration date. Mr. Frederick’s major contributions have been innovations in the realm of technical information recognition. Early in his career his ability to recognize significant information caused him to be known as the one who sees information where others see only data.

In the realm of science and the bible, Mr. Frederick has innovated the process of recognizing technical details in ancient religious literature. His innovative approach is based upon various processes of recognizing the original technical meanings of the original words in the original language. This approach has resulted in the recognition of many technical details unknown to humanity until after the rise of modern science some four hundred years ago. Much of this work has been gathered in his book titled “Eyewitness to the Origins” published in 2008. Most significantly, some of those details were recognized and published in Mr. Frederick’s works over ten years before their actual independent discovery by modern science. This pre-publishing of future discoveries negates the objection that his work is simply reinterpreting the bible to agree with science; at the time, in 2008, for those specific details there was no science for his work to agree with.

During his retirement, he has helped fund his wife Betty Frederick’s organization, Heather’s Haven, which provided a drug and alcohol-free place for women to live among other women in recovery in a clean and sober living environment. The addictions treatment aftercare center is now run by Rogue’s Retreat.

In addition to his books published on, Mr. Frederick’s research has been published on the website and for many years has been hosted his own websites,, and In the coming years, Mr. Frederick hopes to be able to pass down his legacy of innovations in information recognition to others who will continue his research.

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