Jonas Elliott Gerson

Title: Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Company: PnuVax Incorporated
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jonas Elliott Gerson, co-founder and chief executive officer at PnuVax Incorporated, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in chemical engineering.

With almost two decades of experience to his credit, Mr. Gerson has excelled as a co-founder and the chief executive officer of PnuVax Incorporated, a biopharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Canada that promotes public health around the world. He founded the company alongside his father, Dr. Donald Gerson, in 2008. Alongside his colleagues, Mr. Gerson is dedicated to creating and increasing access to helpful vaccines, and he is overseeing the development of a low-cost vaccine for pneumonia.

In addition to his primary position, Mr. Gerson is also a co-founder of SaudiVax, a partner of PnuVax Incorporated. They are a biotechnology company that is similarly dedicated to the creation of vaccines and biologics. Mr. Gerson previously began his career working as a junior researcher at the Queen’s – RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre from 2003 to 2008. Throughout his time in his profession, he has asserted the importance of children having access to vaccines.

Prior to embarking on his vocational journey, Mr. Gerson pursued a formal education at Queen’s University. During this time, he achieved a Bachelor of Applied Science in biochemical engineering in 2008 and a Master of Applied Science in chemical engineering in 2012. In addition to his academic credentials, Mr. Gerson also holds a patent, and is in the process of developing several other industry-related inventions.

Accounting for his accomplished career, Mr. Gerson attributes a great deal of his success to his curiosity and open-mindedness, as he is constantly searching for new opportunities to thrive. He became involved in his field thanks to his father, who introduced him to the industry at an early age. In light of his numerous achievements, he is most notably proud to have interacted with many world class epidemiologists and proponents of public health. In the coming years, Mr. Gerson hopes he and his colleagues will be able to provide their vaccines to those in need around the world.

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