Fausto Martelli, PhD

Title: Senior Research Scientist
Company: IBM Research
Location: Warrington, England, United Kingdom

Fausto Martelli, PhD, a senior research scientist at IBM Research, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of computational materials science.

Leveraging over a decade of experience in his chosen field, Dr. Martelli has distinguished himself as a senior research scientist at IBM Research, the research and development division of the IBM Corporation. In this capacity, his research interests primarily reside in numerical simulations, theoretical modeling, artificial intelligence, modeling the behavior of complex systems and machine learning applied to soft matter. Much of his work contributes toward defining IBM’s research strategy in the field of semiconductor manufacturing. 

Prior to his work at IBM, Dr. Martelli served as a postdoctoral associate at Princeton University, where he worked under Professor Roberto Car regarding research related to the properties of water under extreme thermodynamic conditions. During this time, he taught doctoral-level courses on molecular dynamic simulations in statistical physics and materials science, and was soon appointed as a faculty associate researcher before he was acquired by IBM Research. 

Dr. Martelli initially studied at the University of Milan, where he earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in 2005 and 2007, respectively. Following these accomplishments, he attained a Doctor of Philosophy in theoretical chemistry in 2010 – his thesis expounded upon the subject of wave packet approaches to dissipative quantum dynamics. After his graduation, he joined the French National Centre for Scientific Research as a postdoctoral scholarship with a two-year fellowship, during which time he aided in the development of a model to study the friction of charged ions in liquid water, a subject of particular interest to the nuclear industry. 

Known for his scholarly output, Dr. Martelli’s writings have appeared in various publications, including the Journal of Chemical Physics, the Journal of Physical Chemistry, Reports on Progress in Physics, and the Journal of Molecular Liquids, among many others. He has also delivered a number of public talks and presentations on the subject of molecular physics. To commemorate his myriad contributions to the field, Dr. Martelli has earned several prestigious titles, including recognition as an honorary lecturer by the University of Manchester, a fellow of the Institute of Physics, a rising star in nanotechnology by Frontiers in Nanotechnology and a Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor by the Institute for Advanced Studies & School of Mathematics at the University of Bristol. 

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