John M. Cabaniss

Title: Strategic Solutions Architect
Company: JFrog Ltd
Location: Kennesaw, Georgia, United States

John M. Cabaniss, strategic solutions architect at JFrog Ltd, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientist for dedication, achievements, and leadership in scientific business development.

With more than two decades of experience to his credit, Mr. Cabaniss has cultivated a career of excellence in the field of business development. In 2021, he took on a position as a strategic solutions architect at JFrog Ltd, a leading development operations (DevOps) company which offers clients and customers a wide variety of business automation and improvement services. As part of his duties, Mr. Cabaniss oversees numerous responsibilities, largely pertaining to production, training and updating systems, as well as working alongside clients to provide crucial technical information.

Prior to his current appointment, Mr. Cabaniss excelled as a principal solutions architect for MacStadium Inc. from 2019 to 2021, and he held a similar position at Shadow-Soft from 2017 to 2019. Furthermore, in 2014, he founded his own company, Fog Optics Inc., where he operated as the chief technology officer until 2015. Since embarking on his professional path, he has also worked with such companies as Williamsville Wellness, Attochron LLC, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. At the onset of his career, Mr. Cabaniss worked as a satellite and wideband communications technician for the United States Air Force from 1997 to 2002.

Adjacent to his primary professional interests, Mr. Cabaniss has remained active as a civic-minded citizen in his community. To wit, he has operated with the search and rescue crew of the Georgia State Defense Force and as a first responder with Georgia EMS, as part of the state’s Department of Public Health. Before beginning his vocational journey, he pursued a formal education at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he achieved a bachelor’s degree in physics in 2001. Well-regarded for his accomplishments, Mr. Cabaniss was previously honored with an Instructor Award.

In light of his fulfilling career, Mr. Cabaniss has largely attributed his success to his willingness to take on new challenges, as well as his positive attitude and ethics. Accounting for his achievements, he is particularly of his time with JFrog Ltd, where he has played a key role in the integration of completely new strategic practices for the business. Much of his work has allowed the company to establish a multi-year path for success. Looking to the future, Mr. Cabaniss intends to remain a loyal employee at JFrog. 

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