Walter Bruce Cornet, Jr., PhD

Title: Professor
Company: El Paso Community College
Location: El Paso, Texas, United States

Walter Bruce Cornet, Jr., PhD, retired professor at El Paso Community College, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in geology research and education.

Dr. Cornet held various academic positions and conducted extensive research in the fields of geology and paleobotany. He has worked as a chief consulting geologist, senior geologist, and stratigrapher for companies such as Exxon USA, Gulf Research & Development Company, and Superior Oil Company. Dr. Cornet also served as a staff associate, research associate and post-doctorate researcher in geology and paleobotany at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Dr. Cornet’s education began with coursework in zoology and pre-medical studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University from 1963 to 1966. He continued his studies at the University of Connecticut, earning a Bachelor of Science in biology in 1970 and a Master of Science in paleobotany and botany in 1973. Dr. Cornet concluded his academic efforts with a Doctor of Philosophy in palynology and geology from the Pennsylvania State University in 1977.

Dr. Cornet’s contributions to the fields of geology and paleobotany have been widely recognized. He was involved in the largest National Science Foundation-funded continental coring project on the East Coast, providing valuable insights into the earth’s climate history. Dr. Cornet’s discoveries, including the finding of well-preserved and previously undocumented angiosperm fossils in rocks dating back 110 million years, have added to the scientific understanding of Earth’s history. His groundbreaking work as a curator and researcher has been acknowledged by institutions such as the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences and the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

In addition to his other academic pursuits, Dr. Cornet has been active in documenting his research on extraterrestrial phenomena. His work has been featured in Discover Magazine, and he won a 2003 Context Award from the Journal of Research on Life in the Universe for a paper on the search for intelligent alien life within our solar system. In 2019, Dr. Cornet published his book “Unconventional Aerial Phenomena: In the Hudson and Wallkill River Valley of New York,” based on reported UAP sightings in that region.

Dr. Cornet’s unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of knowledge have been the driving force behind his successful career. His work has contributed to the ever-evolving understanding of our planet and beyond. In the years to come, he plans to continue adding to his extensive body of scientific research papers.

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