Yuxun Zhou, PhD

Yuxun Zhou

Title: Quantitative Researcher
Company: Citadel LLC
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Yuxun Zhou, PhD, Quantitative Researcher at Jump Trading, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists in Finance for dedication, achievements, and leadership in data-driven financial research with cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).
Wanting to solve real-world problems through novel research work, Dr. Zhou started his professional career in finance as a quantitative researcher at Citadel Investment LLC in Chicago in 2017 and later joined Jump Trading LLC to lead multiple key initiatives to help shape the US stock market toward better stability and more liquidity. He used to be a graduate researcher and instructor in electrical engineering and computer sciences (EECS) at the University of California (UC) Berkeley since 2012. During his graduate study, he also served as a research associate at the Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore in 2015 and worked as a data scientist intern at ASML Inc., in San Jose, California, in 2016. Prior to the start of his career, Dr. Zhou pursued a formal education at Xi’an Jiaotong University in China, earning a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2009. He then attended the École Centrale Paris, where he received a Diplôme d’Ingénieur in Applied Math 2012. He went on to attain a PhD in electrical engineering and computer sciences at UC Berkeley in 2017.
A top researcher working on multiple frontiers of the modern financial market, Dr. Zhou played an indispensable leadership role in the development of market-making trading systems and strategies, which trades multiple billion dollars daily over 25% of U.S. equities volume across more than 11,000 U.S.-listed stocks and over 16,000 OTC securities. The projects Dr. Zhou worked on execute approximately 35% of all U.S.-listed retail volume, making his firm the industry’s No. 1 wholesale market maker in the US. Another line of his research on Designated Market Maker (DMM) has been awarded and praised by New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to have stabilized the stock market with state-of-the-art technologies from data mining and machine learning.
As an active member and reviewer at numerous conferences and journals in his field, Dr. Zhou has published over 60 impactful articles and maintains involvement with the American Association of Artificial Intelligence. In light of his achievements, he received several best paper awards and published a book on big data application with the well-known publisher Elsevier. The earlier achievement made by Dr. Zhou includes the First Prize at the National Advanced Mathematical Olympics in 2008 and the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship in 2009. A fellow of A&D SIMATICS in 2011, he was a Hu BaoSheng honoree in 2012.
Moving forward, Dr. Zhou hopes to continue his effort in quantitative finance by leveraging his expertise in AI, data-driven trading, market-making, etc., to shape the financial market towards better accessibility and more efficiency for all participants.

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