Robert Harvey Faust

Title: 1) Founder, President, Owner, and Senior Scientist; 2) President and Chief Executive Officer
Company: 1) Faust Bio-Agricultural Services Inc.; 2) Mana Life Laboratory
Location: McMinnville, Oregon, United States

Robert Harvey Faust, the president of both Faust Bio-Agricultural Services Inc. and the Mana Life Laboratory, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Scientists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the fields of agriculture and science.

Leveraging over five decades of experience in his chosen industry, Dr. Faust has distinguished himself through his roles of leadership at both Faust Bio-Agricultural Services Inc. (doing business as BioAg) and the Mana Life Laboratory. In this capacity, he is responsible for directing BioAg’s efforts in designing and manufacturing supplements that promote health and wellness, offering the company’s product lineup as a viable alternative to toxic technology. A tireless advocate for the health benefits of humic substances, a subject on which he has presented and written extensively, Dr. Faust previously earned distinction for his role in rendering technical expertise to Egyptian farmers and improving their productivity and the quality of their crop yields, as well as inventing a stimulation line of health products that promote anti-aging and immune enhancement support. 

Dr. Faust first became involved in the field of agriculture due to the influence of his ancestors, who were pioneer farmers in the Susquehanna Valley of New York. He went on to study entomology and applied ecology at the University of Delaware College of Agriculture, from which he earned a Bachelor of Science in 1971. Following this accomplishment, he went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in liberal studies at Excelsior University in 1984. He concluded his education at Columbia Pacific University, where he attained a Master of Science in agronomy in 1985 and a Doctor of Philosophy in biotechnology and agroecology in 1986. In accounting for his subsequent success, Dr. Faust largely credits his ability to think outside the box, as well as his deep and abiding dedication to transitioning the agricultural industry from its current reliance on toxic chemicals toward a more sustainable system.

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